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raychelle started this conversation
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Raychelle, The first thing you should do is apply for social services. When they ask where hubby is, tell them he abandoned you and your children. I went through a similar situation and hubby thought he could get away with sending $20-$30/week when he was making @ $300. apply for emergency services, also get a support order and file for separation from the useless SOB. If he thinks he can get away from his responsibilities, he has another thought coming. The courts can and will garnish his check to support his family. Also check with hud for subsidized housing. for you and your family. it is based on income since you have none at this time, it should be reasonable. I have the links you need on my homepage. BTW social services can not only get you emergency foodstamps but rental assistance and help you get moved into a new apartment as well. Good luck!

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